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food menu

NEW! Croissant filled with scrambled egg & bacon and drizzled with honey 

Breakfast wraps

  • Vegan Wrap - Cherry tomato, cheeze, sliced vegan sausage & spinach 

  • Breakfast burrito –scrambled egg, sliced sausage, avocado, cherry tomato, hash brown puffs & spinach 

  • BBQ bacon cheese wrap – bacon, scrambled egg, hash brown puffs, cheddar cheese & bbq sauce with a side of beans 


Belgium waffles 

  • Peanut butter & bananas

  • Strawberries & chocolate sauce

  • Bacon & maple syrup

  • Greek yogurt, strawberries & blueberries


Bacon or sausage sandwich  – toasted or not

Veggie sausage sandwich  – toasted or not

3 scrambled or fried eggs on toast 


English Breakfast 

  • 2 bacon, 1 sausage, 2 eggs fried or scrambled, beans & toast, white or granary


Breakfast bowls

  • Granola with yogurt, strawberries & honey . Add blueberries & seeds 


3 Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon on white or granary toast 


Beans on 2 toast, white or granary 

Cowboy beans on toast, beans with bbq sauce & tabasco 


Smashed avocado on toast with sliced sun dried tomatoes & crumbled feta & rocket 

  • Add 2 scrambled eggs          - Add 2 slices of bacon 


2 slices of white or granary toast - 2 butter & jam or marmalade or honey 

Sandwiches, served with salad or crisps. Toasted 60p

Egg, paprika mayo & spinach  (GF)

Beef, horseradish & cheese  (GF)

Cheese, apple chutney, lettuce & cucumber 

Ham, onion chutney & lettuce  (GF)

Chicken, herb mayo & avocado  (GF)

Cheese & ham  (GF)

Cheese & onion  (GF)

Bacon, brie & cranberry  (GF)

Bacon, lettuce & tomato  (GF)

Ultimate Veggie  (GF) – spinach, cheese, avocado, cucumber & tomato.

Chicken, cranberry & cream cheese  (GF)

Lemon tuna & spinach  (GF)

Houmous, feta & avocado  (GF)

ADD a cup of soup to your plate 

Vegan wraps, served with salad or crisps


Spinach, houmous, olives, peppers & cheeze 

Siracha Chickpea, cheeze, lettuce, vegan mayo 

Rainbow falafel – homemade pickled red cabbage,    smashed avocado, lettuce & cheeze 

Houmous, lettuce & peppers 

Beetroot, houmous & lettuce 

Avocado, sundried tomato & houmous 

Curried chickpea with onion, tomato & mango chutney 

Avocado, houmous, tomato & cucumber 

ADD a cup of soup to your plate 


Wraps, served with salad or crisps

Falafel, spicy houmous, yogurt & cucumber 

Sweet chilli chicken & lettuce 

Chicken, bacon & lettuce 

Curried chickpea & chicken 

Bacon, avocado & lettuce 

BBQ chicken & cheese 

ADD a cup of soup to your plate 

Salads – all £7.00 – subject to availability

Brie & strawberry

Chicken & avocado

Bacon & feta

Tuna & olive

Chicken, bacon & avocado

Your choice of dressing – olive oil, balsamic, French or pesto

Sides & nibbles

Sweet potato fries 

Houmous & pitta 

Homemade spicy cream cheese dip & pitta 

Homemade soup of the day 


Loaded sweet potato fries

Sweet chilli sauce & cheese 

Bacon & maple syrup 

Cheese & bbq sauce 

Feta, olives, cucumber & tomato 

Vegan cheezy fries with vegan mayo 


Nine Leaves Kids Menu


Kids beans with toast soldiers            


Kids yogurt bowl - strawberries & honey    


Kids ½ sausage butty                       


Kids ½ cheese & ham toastie with crisps    


Kids ½ cheese butty with crisps            


Kids folded cheese & tom pizza wrap        


Kids cup of soup & a slice of bread        

Price increases - we aim to keep our price increases to you at a minimum but occasionally we may have to pass on unexpectedly large increases. 

We aim to let you know before hand as much as possible.

All prices correct at time of publishing but may subsequently vary as market prices vary. 

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